The Ranch
The Ranch is a place for players to keep and breed the Dragomon they have collected. They can be recorded, petted, fed and leveled up. Players will be able to assign different Dragomon to different areas of the Ranch, to provide protection from predators. If a player helps in the fight, the predators can be looted for crafting materials. Players will gain access to the Ranch once they have completed the level 15 quest, Ranchy Entertainment

When players breed their Dragomon, they will be able to create new Dragomon with speed bonuses or unique colors. Players may find eggs around the Ranch that they can bring back to Omi. If they turn one in, players will receive a buff. This effect can stack up to 5 times. 

Visitors to the Ranch can ride the mounts by petting the Dragomon.

Your ranch is shared among your account and server, meaning one ranch per account.

The Ranch - Interface


The pasture is where players are able to decide which of the Dragomon to have available in the open area of the Ranch. All of the players' available Dragomon will be listed on the right. From this list, players will be able to see the EXP level of their Dragomon. In order to breed Dragomon, they need to be at 100% XP. 


This part of the interface allows players to cook meals for their Dragomon in Omi's Kitchen. Cooking is one of the many professions in Dragomon Hunter. Feeding them will help Dragomon level up. Dragomon can be picky eaters, so make sure to create the proper meal for a specific pet.


Breeding Dragomon is another profession. Players will need two Dragomon of the same species and both pets will need to be at 100% XP before breeding will be possible.


This interface will allow players to set specific Dragomon as protectors of the Ranch. Unfortunately, they will not be able to defend against everything that attacks, so players will need to help their Dragomon fight.