You can't believe it! THE Bain Blitzhardt, hard-boiled wonder boy of the Order of the Falcons, has written YOU a recommendation letter! He was right about the surprises, all right!


  • Talk to Pilot Omi.
  • Take the gearcoptor to Elysium


  • Click on the gearcopter to start the conversation.

"Hey, kiddo! You the plebe ol' Bain's got his eye on? Name's Omi. Ace gearcoptor pilot and gourmet chef dilettante extraordinaire. We've got an important date in Elysium, so hop on board and let's get this hunk of cogs skybound!"


Land in Elysium, talk with Omi and select a piece of gear to complete.

"Whoo-wee! Feels good to stretch the ol' lobes, eh? Country roads, take me to Elysium! Gotta love comin' home."

Omi stretches his paws with a chuckle and saunters out of the helicopter. "Elysium! The city so nice, they named it after a utopia! Take it in! Breathe it in! BE Elysium! A bit overwhelming, isn't it? So says everyone who first sets foot in its sanctified corridors. But never fear! It'll feel like home before you know it! That, you can quote me on."

"I know you're itching to rush off and start plowing through the Falcon ranks, but why don't you take a self-guided tour of the city, first? You know—to acquaint yourself and all that! Once you're ready, though, Delphia should be waiting in the Falcon's Nest to greet all new recruits with an amiable shake of her slender hand."

Though feeling slightly overwhelmed at this onslaught of new information—you never WERE one to handle change easily—you give the boisterous Hoppalong a nod of your head to express your understanding, then head off to do just that.

"You're a good kid, you know that? You've got a real bright future ahead of you. Glad to be workin' with you from now on! You ever need anything, I'm your rabbit!"


  • Choice of leg armor
  • 40 Silver
  • 340 EXP