(Description) It seems those training dummies were only a prologue to the main event. Now, Shadis wants you to see how you fare in real combat—against a pack of wild Forest Fungi! Head over to the Proving Grounds to "prove" your not all talk. If you can successfully take down three of the mushroid miscreants, you might just curry some favor with the stone-hearted examiner.


Defeat Forest Fungus 0/3

Help Sentry Captain Belleza by defeating the Injured Wyvern


Shadis: "Sure, you can hit stationary targets, but what about targets with a bit more innate bloodlust? Do you see those Forest Fungi scampering about near the waterfall over yonder? Why don't you try taking out a few of those? Judging by what you demonstrated earlier, you should have no trouble handling a measly morel or two."

Shadis: "I've already sent a few other recruits over there. Which recruit can take out the most fungi, I wonder? We Falcons only take the best and brightest, after all. Do try your best! I have the utmost confidence in you."

After defeating the fungi: 'Suddenly a mighty roar rips through the air! Other recruits are fleeing the Ring of Trials! Wh-what's going on? I'd better go check—someone might need help!


Defeat the Injured Wyvern. Speak with Bain

Bain: "Oh? A recruit? Were you the one who took down the wyvern?" A strapping young man approaches you from the gearcopter. His steely eyes narrow as he assesses the situation.

Belleza: "Thank GOD, you're here! We almost had a major crisis on our hands, Bain " Belleza's relief is evident in her voice as she wearily stumbles over.

(Player name): Unsure what to do, you awkwardly bob your head in farewell before shying away in hopes of reporting your results to Shadis. Bain, however, wordlessly extends a hand to stop you.


36 Silver, 270 EXP


Players will see a channeled spell appear as a telegraph of arrows on the ground. Move or roll out of the way to avoid damage.