Accepting the Quest


"Very well then. If you're ready, we'll begin the first test."

Shadis calmly clips your form atop the pile of other recruits' before narrowing his eyes in apathetic expectation.

"I'll first need to observe your abilities in battle. No doubt, you've noticed the training dummy in front of you. That will be your target. Demonstrate how you'd go about taking it down were it an enemy."

Shadis tilts his head towards the dummy before crossing his arms over his chest.

"Every move you make from here on out will affect your score, so think carefully before making your move. I want to see skill, not blind brutality."


You nod hesitantly. It seems all the loving encouragement was reserved for the check-in desk!

Completing the Quest

"Well, that was... I mean... you... huh. Interesting. Very interesting..." Shadis's eyebrows curve upwards in twin, gloppened arcs. It seems you caught him off-guard with that little onslaught.


"All that talk about you wasn't just talk, I see—you've got some real skill there. True, your approach and follow-through lack concision, and your footwork is a bit sloppy, but for a new recruit, you show a lot of promise. I'll go ahead and pass you on the basic test. Shadis begins hastily scribbling something down on your evaluation form.

"Don't let my words give you a big head just yet, though. Your test is merely getting started, as it were." Shadis chuckles to himself and gives you a curt pat on the shoulder.

"These training dummies were nothing but child's play for you. Why don't we move onto something a bit more... ambitious?" Shadis throws an arm over your shoulder and directs you towards a nearby bridge.


  • To attack the Training Dummy, click on it and use whatever you set your ATTACK key as. You can cast your spells through hotkeys or directly clicking on them.