Just what's this event Agatha's talking about? And is it really as frightening as she's made it out to be? No choice now but to hop aboard the nearby gearcopter and meet her there...


Agatha: "All right, enough slackin'. Let's get a move on, (Player name)." Agatha gives her head a shake to smooth down her hair.

(Player): You're not entirely sure where you're getting a move on to, but you're also not entirely sure if asking her would warrant you another bout of belittlement.

Agatha: "What's with the blank face? Don't tell me you haven't heard!" Agatha's looks of exasperated amazement are becoming all too common.

(Player): You sheepishly inform her that you're not aware of anything else that needs doing. Agatha's eyes narrow, and you can feel your heart dropping into your gut.

Agatha: "You really are—... oh! Wait. That's right. You weren't herded in with all the other noobs, so you didn't hear their whole introductory spiel." Agatha scratches at her chin in thought.

(Player): You're glad this lapse in understanding is due to no fault of your own. You ask Agatha what it entailed.

Agatha: "It's the same every year. After all you rooks are inducted and what-not, the higher-ups hold a big event, as it were, to, erm, how do I put it? Acquaint the newbies with what's to come? Being part of the famous Falcons isn't all cotton candy, hearts, and rainbows, after all, so we've gotta ease you noobs in as easily as we can. Well, at least, that's what people like Pelt and Delphia think." Agatha seems to be skirting around something, but you're not sure what.

Agatha: "That being said, there ARE always a few lily-livered rooks who end up pissing their pants and running off to their mamas as soon as the soiree's over and done. I trust you won't be one of them?" The corners of Agatha's mouth curl upwards in an impish smile. "The gearcopter just over yonder will take you to the venue once you're ready. Change into your big-kid pants if you need to!"


  • Join the annual Huntathon 0/1
  • Defeat Parvaz 0/1
Hunter's Chance dungeon info


Enter Hunter's Chance with Agatha and join the other recruits. Defeat Honehorn Trampler


Agatha: "Ahh... feels good to bust some heads! That's what being a hunter's all about, yeah? Kickin' butt and takin' names. Not training a bunch of hapless rooks." You don't miss the disdain smoldering in the look she flashes your way.



  • This quest takes players into the first available dungeon Hunter's Chance. After completion, players will learn about mounts.
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