Accepting the Quest

Clerk Nicola

"All right, then, (Player). Your paperwork is all in order. Arbalest over there will get you fitted with an appropriate weapon."
Nicola glances towards one of her colleagues to the right - a Falcon with wise eyes have been burning holes in the side of your head since you emerged from the crowd.


"They sure breed 'em young these days, don't they Heh. Well, all the more to ya. I think I've got just the weapon for you, kid. See how this baby feels in your hands." Arbalest procures a weapon from the boxes of supplies and places it in your hands.
"It's an oldie, but a goodie. Seen a lot of battles, this one. I know you'll do it justice, though. Give 'em heck out there. Arbelest gives your shoulder a hearty pat before turning his gaze towards the line of other Falcon Hopefuls.

Clerk Nicola

"Perfect. You should be all good to go, then! Do make sure you equip the weapon, yes? Then take this evaluation form to Shadis over in the testing area. Good luck, (Player)! I'm sure you'll do wonderfully.

Completing the Quest


You hand Shadis your evaluation form and politely introduce yourself.

Examiner Shadis

"(Player), hm? Your age belies your skill, it would seem, but don't get cocky just yet. I'll be your examiner for this part of the evaluation. In other words, I decide wether you have what it takes to be a Falcon. Try not to disappoint me." Shadis stares at you blankly. Seems he'll be one tough cookie to impress.