Order of the Falcon

  • The Order of the Falcon is the fastest growing of the myriad of unions in Elysium. Its elite hunters have already broken nearly every hunting record available, transforming the union into the most respected organization in the city. A man by the name of Van Pelt leads the union and bears the title of Falcon Captain.
    • Increase your Falcon Influence to rise up through the ranks of the union. Completing certain tasks and achievements will also grant you speed bonuses.
    • With Order of the Falcon Influence, you can purchase exclusive outfits and Dragocite from Lulu.

Hunter's League

  • This famous organization has branches in most major cities in the kingdom and acts as a go-between for hunters and clients. The league collects and curates hunting commissions from all over the world, assigning them to hunters based on specialized formulas that optimize safety and efficiency.
    • Once you have enough Hunter's League influence, head to Elysium (132,42) where you can purchase exclusive equipment and accessories from Wendel.

Artisan Alliance

  • The Artisan Alliance is the first word in luxury goods. This hand picked team specializes in processing rare materials into beautiful status symbols, which are then sold to the most discerning, blue-blooded clients.
    • If you raise your Artisan Alliance influence beyond a certain level, you can head to Elysium (134,40) to purchase exclusive equipment and accessories from artisian Ignatius

Alchemic Order

  • The Order was formed by a group of alchemists devoted to the pursuit of knowledge. Their research, focused primarily on the development of powerful potions, makes them a critical part of life in Elysium. Rumors that the Order has conducted experiments on Hoppalongs, however, has lead some people to distrust the organization.
    • If you raise your Alchemic Order influence beyond a certain level, you can head to Elysium (135,38) to purchase exclusive equipment and accessories from alchemist Lemmil.

Quartermaster Corps

Tetrahammer Armory

Terra's Children

There are two hunting factions in Dragomon Hunters, the Free Trappers and the Wardens' Federation. They formed due to the discovery of Dragocite and approach hunting in different ways.

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