Dragomon are the main collective in Dragomon Hunter. They consist of creatures that can be defeated and collected as mounts. "If you can kill it, you can tame it". There are Dragomon in every zone and they come in several different types, and sub-species as listed below.

Dragomon can be taken to The Ranch and placed as Guardians or as creatures to be used for breeding. The cooking profession is also directly related to Dragomon as the players make food for their pets rather than themselves. Only the Dragomon kept in the Pasture will need fed. Dragomon kept in the Hunter Archive, in the player's Bank or Inventory or used as Guards will not need food. Guards however can become injured and a special item, only created through cooking, can be used to cure them.

All Dragomon - For a list of all current Dragomon available.

By Location - Dragomon sorted by location.

Bosses - A list of all available bosses.

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