Talk to Harris or Selena to open the Crafting Interface


Craft an item using the Crafting Interface


Delphia: "Oh, (player name)! Back so soon? Did you meet with Harris, then?"

(Player name): You relate your encounter with Harris to Delphia while presenting the new gear you crafted. You feel like a whole new hunter!

Agatha: "Seems you've got a better head on your shoulders than I gave you credit for. At least you can SELECT good equipment. Now, of course, you still need to USE it well..." Agatha turns away from her furtive conversation with Qyubey.

Qyubey: "F-... finally...! I don't know how much more of that I could take..." Qyubey skitters away from Agatha's side as fast as she can, her ears ruffled.


84 Silver , 1 Crafting EXP, 728 EXP


This is the second quest introducing players to the crafting system.