Darte gives you some juicy info on rare Dragomon prowling about Crescent Beach. Head there yourself and test your mettle against these giant hulks!

The quest will need to be completed inside a level 13 Dungeon.


  • Obtain Abyssal Crab's Shell from Abyssal Crab 0/1
  • Obtain Abyssal Crab's Dorsal Shell from Abyssal Crab 0/1


Darte: "SO... you wanna learn about hunting, do you?" Darte scratches his chin and gives you a thorough once-over.

(Player name): You nod in affirmation, then relate what little experience you have so far.

Darte: "A new Falcon recruit, hm? They DO recruit them young, these days... Seems like you can handle yourself just fine, though, if Angel's sent you to see me. So why don't I learn you up a little on the most important part of hunting itself - Dragomon." Darte pulls you off to the side so you can talk in private.

Darte: "There are some fine species of Dragomon out there, kid. Some rare ones, too. Some of them have yet to even be discovered! It's our job as hunters to chronicle the Dragomon we come across to create a comprehensive bestiary of all the world's species." Darte slips a piece of paper out of his pocket, balancing it between his index and middle finger.

Darte: "I just so happen to have obtained information, recently, about one such rare beastie. You haven't heard of the Abyssal Crab, have you? Pretty ferocious little critter. I originally bought this info for some of my students, but... heh, well. Let's keep that our little secret, shall we?"

Darte: "Seems this bad boy was last spotted terrorizing the sands of Crescent Bay. You get in there fast enough, and you might be able to nab him before anyone else has the chance. Bring back his shell, and you'll REALLY be on your way to becoming a hunter worth mentioning, hm?"


  • Enter the Burning Rush and defeated the Abyssal Crab


  • 2094 EXP
  • 10 Lesser HP Potion (Bound)
  • 102 Silver
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