(Description) You might have bitten off more than you can chew this time! A trainee? Under firecracker Agatha?! You'll be lucky to make it out of this one alive...


Take the gearcopter to Crescent Bay Obtain Wingrus Tusk from Wingrus 0/6


Obtain 6 Wingrus Tusk


Warp back to Elysium and speak with Agatha.

(Player): Out of breath, you hand Agatha the pile of Wingrus tusks you collected. She seems unfazed—coolly counting them before giving you a thorough once-over. You feel a bit like you've been put on display.

Agatha: "Well... you've passed, I suppose. You DID bring me the tusks. Don't be expecting any glooorious praises, though. I don't do lip service. You'll need to demonstrate a lot more than the ability to harvest a few tusks."

Delphia: "Come now, Agatha. Don't you think you're being a little harsh? I think (player name) is performing absolutely splendidly! Quite better than I did, at their age. If only I could have such a dedicated young apprentice."

Agatha: "I could lay off them... if I wanted them to improve at the speed of a SNAIL! How am I supposed to rely on them to do ANYthing of importance if I can't even be sure they can successfully gather tusks?"

Delphia: "Oh, Agatha. You really never change, do you? I can imagine you have some tough days ahead of you, (player name), but you'll undoubtedly learn a great deal. Just... try not to strain yourself."

Agatha: "(player name)? I'M the one who just got a bagful of 'DO NOT WANT unloaded on my lap. Next time I see Pelt, I'll have to RE-strain myself to keep from clocking him upside the jaw!"


Class weapon, 78 Silver, 624 EXP, x20 HP potions