Achievement Window

Achievements are gained by completing specific tasks listed in the Achievement panel. Many of the achivements in Dragomon Hunter also grant titles. The achievement window is accessed by pressing "L" on the keyboard and selecting the tab, by using the Quest icon on the bottom right of the UI or by opening the quest log by selecting a quest from the Quest Tracker and selecting the Achivements tab. 

Main (33)

Faction Influence (23)

Hunter's League (20)

Companion (48)

Elite (80)

Boss (80)

Hunting (8)

Special Dungeon (8)

Happodrome (72)

Archive (32)

Mount Collecting (50)

Dragomon Ranch (116)

Breeding (103)

Cooking (9)

Fishing (13)

Profession (41)

Gear Evolotion (6)

Weapon Crafting (48)

Armor Crafting (48)